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Careful, Is That Your "Friend"?

Hello world!

Let’s talk about “friends”. Really, how many of us have them?? I guess the answer to that would depend on how you define the word and how much value you place in the concept. Personally, I have never believed that the true concept of a friend could be manifested in human being. Hey, harsh but true!

I mean think about it: everyone wants someone to label them as a “friend” but no one wants to put in the actual work of being a friend. You define friend how you want, and take as many as you want. However, for me, I see friend as someone who loves unconditionally– you can piss them off to the highest degree of pissitivity but underneath it all they will still love and be there for you. It’s someone who knows your worth and will not rest until you and all those around you acknowledge it.

S/he will go above and beyond way too many times to count–this here is a giveaway of when a friendship has been reached: when there is no longer a score being kept:). A real friend will be available in actions, not just words, any given time of 24-hr cycle! A real friend will not judge you too harshly; after all we are all human and therefore, we will judge each other. Wrong or right, a friend will stand with you, come what may.

Most importantly, a real friend will not call you and at the first instance in which you say “how are you” s/he proceeds to talk for hours about her/himself and then suddenly realizes it’s late and s/he gotta go–did the person ever even ask about you??

And, always remember this: a real friend will be just as excited for your success and progress as s/he is about her/his own! If this person gets short or agitated when you talk about goodness, s/he is definitely not a friend who wishes you well.

A friendship is definitely a two-lane road; honestly, I have yet to meet but a couple who could satisfactorily navigate both lanes.
So, if you have anyone in your life that measures up to YOUR definition of “friend” hold on and cherish that person for all their worth.

And, if you happen to find yourself in a one-sided friendship, drop the deadweight with no apologies– you can always be your own friend, and you will always have Jesus!!

Peace & Blessings.

That\’s what friends are for

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