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Man, it is hard being BLACK

I wanted to stay out of the Chris Brown / Rihanna fiasco. But now, since Brown’s showdown on Good Morning America, it is no longer predominantly about the two of them or their power dynamic. The conversation has now become about his bad boy image: why is it so persistent and why is it not lending him credibility or favor with mainstream (white) America. Simple: HE IS NOT WHITE! Although always prevalent, this message has now become very important for every black male living in America.

As much as we may hate it, African Americans and Caucasians live by two different codes in American society. Discrepancies exist everywhere, especially within the judicial systems, housing markets, and, unfortunately, within the educational system. A white man can get arrested for vehicular homicide and receive bail, whereas a black arrested for the same crime may not make bail. For instance, in Huntsville, AL. last week a young white man struck down a toddler who was outside riding his bike. The young man did not stop, and actually drug the toddler, lodged to his truck, a little distance from the scene. He made bail. A few years ago, a Hispanic man struck another vehicle and killed a couple of the passengers. He did not make bail and was sentenced to life for vehicular manslaughter. Difference: Ethnicity.

If you are a Black man living in America, your best bet is not to try any Charlie-Sheen-like stunts. Guaranteed, you will be snapped back into reality really fast. Let’s face it, O.J. got lucky– and we’re all still paying for that one (LOL).

This blog is not justify or make a case for the bad judgment of any individuals, black or white; but it is to make clear why societal infractions or crimes are blown up to a larger scale for minorities than white Americans. Quite plainly, African Americans must get it together and walk a finer line– if you know the system is stacked against you, do not give them a reason to hang you out to dry! Yes, of course, it is unfair, but it is the game, as of now!

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