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Lost Loves: I Carry You in My Spirit

Hello World!

You know, it’s true: as you get older, you get a little wiser. I have come to realize that when you lose someone close to you that it isn’t the end of that connection. We work hard to hold on to our precious memories out of fear of forgetting that person or their value to our lives. But, it is my deepest belief that once you truly accept a person into your life, and develop a love for that person, you will carry them with you FOREVER. Through this epiphany I have realized that nothing or no one can separate you from someone you have accepted into your soul/spirit.

When I lost my brother I always worried that I would forget the sound of his voice, the sparkle in his eye, or even his walk. It’s been six long years, and I haven’t forgotten any of those things. Why? Because he is a part of me: I have woven every part of his memory into the fabric of my being. This bond was developed before death, and so it must continue after death. My death is the only thing that will cause his memory to cease; yet that’s beautiful in itself because when I cease to exist, he can still survive through the stories I am sure to tell everyone who will listen. Stories about my brother, the greatest man I’ve known on Earth!

Say, have you seen the movie “Fallen” (1998) with Denzel Washington? In that movie the spirit is passed on from soul to soul by contact with any living being, human or animal. That’s how it is with someone’s memory. We have the power to pass it on from person to person, generation to generation. So, if you love someone in life that same love can supersede death and continue on. I have necklace with a picture of my brother on it and the inscription reads “Eternal Love”; at the time of making this necklace I had no idea just how true and profound those words really are.

This is one reason why love is not a game and should not be toyed with! When you spend so much time with a person you can develop a certain love for them, your spirit will get to know their spirit. You have to be careful of the company you keep because we do take on people’s spirits. You could allow a bad spirit in, and just like the good ones, that spirit, too, will stay and abide with you!

But it is my sincerest hope for you that you will let good love and spirits surround you without fear of what’s to be lost. No man or thing will last forever, but it sure would be great to say that you loved it/them while you could, for as long as you could. You may lose your loved one in their physical form, but your spirit will capture a sincere love and it will stand the test of time. I promise!

Blessings & Prosperity,

\”Been Thinking\”

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