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Pay What You Owe! pt. 2

(Please see “previous post” for pt.1)
The most shameful part of political prisoners’ incarcerations is that most are innocent of any real crime (see Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly H. Rap Brown, a reformed Muslim leader) and have served lifetimes in prisons (see Sundiata Acoli, 39 years of incarceration, or Mumia Abu Jamal, 29 years of incarceration).

We must not forget these Brothers and Sisters or their sacrifices. This government tells you that political prisoners deserve to rot in jail or die. Why? Because they challenged the system, demanded to be treated as equals and not as reformed slaves, or is it because they dared to want better for their Black children?

No, I refuse to believe we should forget them, allow them to rot. Their means for justice is no different than when the Union soldiers were brazen enough to bear arms and rush the Confederates. Or our American military’s orders to invade foreign countries in the name of Democracy.

In war, lives will be lost and heroes will be made. Our Brothers and Sisters were aware of this, however, J. Edgar Hoover, and every other President after him, has wanted blood for blood for all of the troopers, policemen and Feds who lost their lives in his unnecessary and corrupt CointelPro War.

This government cannot win. They can cage our warriors but they cannot erase their contributions and memories from our lives, unless we allow them. Remember the following individuals who are still suffering, and the countless unnamed others:

* Jalil Bottom
* Charles Sims Africa
* Debbi Sims Africa
* Geronimo ji jaga (Pratt)
* Herman Bell
* Kojo Sababu
* Lorenzo Stone Bey
* Mark Cook
* Mumia Abu-Jamal
* Mutulu Shakur
* Ojore Lutalo
* Phil Africa
* Richard Mafundi Lake
* Robert Seth Hayes
* Sekou Kambui
* Sundiata Acoli
For statements from the above Brothers and Sisters,
visit this site statements-black-pps.html

Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin

Sundiata Acoli

Assata Shakur

\"Niggers Are Scared of Revolution\" The Last Poets

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