Give Me That Real Love …

Hello World!

This one is for my ladies, I mean fellas by all means read and possibly learn a lil about what y’all put us through. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What is up with men claiming they want a real woman by their sides, someone to hold them down through the good and the bad, the hustling and legit days, but they just can’t seem to get out of their own ways when she comes along?

Now see, I just gave my all to a man I never expected to love. I was cautioned by many not to do it, but y’all know how it is, love is sneaky and can’t be stopped. But, I know I went wrong when I saw caution and reverse signs from God— y’all may laugh or brush that one off, but I’m serious God will let you know His plan if you’ll truly pause long enough to listen. He places permanent and temporary people and things in your life; we got to start consulting him to know the difference.

We had some good times, but we had a lot of times where I felt like the Queen Compromiser, that’s not how it should go. I mean there’s nothing wrong with catering *–I actually enjoy catering to my significant other–* but he shouldn’t have a list of things (or pet peeves) he wants you to change unless he’s willing to adhere to a few of your changes as well.

I don’t understand some men, and I will never claim to. I’m just tired of giving my all and getting burned before the flame completely dies. It is indeed a lesson I think I will never learn! I have no explanation as to why not, other than it seems I was built to love hard, deep, and sincere. So if this is the way my love is, then I guess God also built me strong enough to take the pain and heat, even though it doesn’t usually seem to be so in the immediate aftermath.

So, I know I’m a good girl who has her own flaws and issues; who doesn’t? But, I also know that if I fall for him I am going to give 200%, and cater to his every whim. I take comfort in the fact that one day someone will really appreciate all the love those before him lost. I absolutely refuse be taken for granted any longer.ย 

I want the love of olden days *your granny and grandpa affair* love built to outlast any bad days and struggles. The love where if you only got a single dollar between you, you hold onto each other because you know, in love, you’ll be alright! Now, that’s REAL. My Grandma and Mama taunt me how to cook and keep house–*at our dinner table he’ll always be served first because that’s the respect an acknowledgment you give to a real man! All he needs to do is be that real man, work, and protect and provide. I will not and have not ever asked for much, just a little time and acknowledgment when you have it to spare, and, of course, respect is nonnegotiable.ย 

So, I refuse to waste anymore of my years on guys who are afraid to commit or afraid to completely receive my love. I can’t teach any man how to receive my love. I can only warn you that if you haven’t had anything like my love, it just may be too much for you! I am no longer in *”chill”* and *”kicking it”* mode. All cards are face up on the table from the get go, no surprises or hidden agendas. ๐Ÿ™‚ As Mary J. Blige said, take me as I am or leave me alone!ย 

Guys, if you are still reading, please leave with this: **Know a real woman when she is in your presence; don’t play games with her and try to simplify her down to what you are used to, elevate yourself instead!**

Peace and Prosperity,

\"Lesson Learned\" by Alicia Keys

5 comments on “Give Me That Real Love …

  1. What were the signs? Share it all!


  2. I like “granny and grandpa affair” I want one of those too!




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