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His Main Thang

Lil girl running around wit her head in clouds
She never learned to be discreet,
careful not to show ur whites to every guy u meet
This one he catching her in his web

Tellin her she gon be the one, no doubt in his mind
She gon wait, so he keep spinning her
He growls she jump, gotta keep her main thang happy
He say she gon be the one, no doubt

Lil girl a fool, grinning cus he say she the main thang
She got her head in a funk so baby can’t see
He still spinning, using n abusing that loyalty
That only comes when a fool be too in love

Lil girl, don’t u kno ain’t no honor in being his main thang
A fling is equivalent to having a guy who got a main in many thangs
Baby, ure worth is priceless wat a shame the gem u cant see
Give ur all to the one who will return it

Your guy is still spinning
He done got so dizzy he forgetting u a real treasure
Lil girl u deserve to be his one n only not his main thang
A guy so in tune with u will not want any others, much less a roster

Ure a total package, Lil lady, why just be one in a number?

\”Main Chick\” by Snowy

Peace & Prosperity

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