Barbie-N-Ken: The Girls’ Daydream

Happily Ever After

I’ve been blessed (or cursed, depends on who you ask) with the X, X chromosomes: I’m a Girl. Therefore, it’s inevitable; it’s going to happen. I have thoughts about the happily-ever-after, at some point in my youth I even planned it to the “T” (although I don’t remember those elaborate plans now). The truth is almost  every little girl dreams of the ever-after, and they eventually turn into Big Girls who still daydream about “The One” and “the life”.

But some men seem “put off” or shocked that this happens. God forbids the girl mentions, or seemingly plans for, a future, he breaks out into hives or something equally ridiculous! Well, I have a special wish for all men who think ladies who daydream about their happily-ever-after lifestyles are nuts: I wish each of them are granted at least one beautiful baby girl 🙂 So that they can observe her when she enters her zone while playing with her Barbie & Ken (or a doll set of equal compatibility). Watch how Ken “proposes” to Barbie, and Barbie graciously accepts. Ken becomes her “man” who makes the fairy tale complete.

Sorry fellas, Barbie-and-Ken-happily-ever-after is like etch-a-sketch-engrained into most of our membranes! Face it, we will occasionally daydream about it.

My mom used to tell me a story about when she would walk to school and run into a certain boy. The boy was mentally-challenged; he would jump out into her path, point and say, “I know you. You a GIRL!” Yep, at least he knew the species he was dealing with; and fellas, it’s about high-time you all recognized who you are running with: A GIRL!


\”Dreaming of You\” by Selena


Peace & Prosperity

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