Your President is Black and Your Pockets are Still Flat!

Hello World!

Disclaimer: Please excuse this post if it offends you on either of these grounds: A. You have given President Barack Obama a pass because he is a bi-racial man of African ancestry; B. Your pride, related to point A, has glossified (my own word) your view of him and his policies/political agenda; C. You are not very political, and turned to this blog as a respite from the constant Dem/Rep/debt ceiling drama.

Anyhoo, I digress. Yes, I voted for Obama, but I must admit he was not my first choice. And I purposely did not give him a vote because he is a Black man (according to the one-drop rule). I actually like Hillary’s policies for low-economically slated women. However, she did not have a full agenda that would address others within the hard-pressed communities, and I questioned her ethically. Alas, she did not get my vote.

I did love how Obama’s campaign had the “grassroots” feel to it; he reached out to the young voters who are so often forgotten, and that was beautiful. Lord knows, this young generation really needed momentum, something to stand behind and for! Unfortunately, and it pains me to say this, but he forgot those constituents, and the very platform upon which he stood, almost instantly as he stepped onto the Capitol steps.

Personally, I have a laundry list of items Obama has done to piss me off since his inauguration. But the things that are most important and that would mean the most for this country, he seems to ignore or cut harder than his predecessors! He was hope for the Black community; I think a main reason for that was because many thought the first  Black man in the WHITE House would share a piece of that with them (ideology= “if one of us got it, then some of us got it”).

I don’t think he did. He got in and continued with “business as usual”– the very thing he campaigned against. Please, don’t get me wrong, I am not expecting him to have a full Black Power campaign, with all racial issues at the fore. But seriously, we’ve been systematically wronged for too many years, how about one initiative that would right the least of it?

Where could he have started, you might ask; how about with his pardon power? There are too many minorities locked away in prison for crimes that “they fit the description” for, some petty offenses which cost them their entire youth and life, or were simply railroaded by judges/officers of the court who were trying to make it “one less [N-word] on the street.” Go ahead and research how he used his pardon power. We know of these people, why didn’t Mr. President when he had the veto power in his hand?? Bush pardon Scooter Libby, therefore, you could have had one controversial pardon, Mr. President. He continues to look the other way and skirt serious issues.

Let me tell you why, as simple as I can state it: Your president is SPINELESS! He lacks the ability to take a firm stance on serious matters. As much as I loathed President Bush, I respected that he ran the office as he saw fit–which he was entitled to do because he was the Gotdarn-President-of-the-United-States-of-America! He was advised on how it should be done, and how we, the American people, would have liked it done. But at the end of the day, he made his own judgment call. And, furthermore, he stayed true to his constituents–he was always clear on who put him in office (big oil companies, and TEXAS).

AIG, SallieMae, and other big corporations get bailouts and what do we get? HOPE. That’s not enough! Although senior citizens were semi-spared a damning blow with Obama’s compromise on the debt-ceiling issue (where once again, he was spineless), however, who gets hurt the most? AMERICAN STUDENTS!!! This compromise cuts graduate funding, in an attempt to salve the country’s debt. Mr. President, my education is IMPORTANT! I am trying to understand how does he choose between students’ education and a senseless war that has outlasted its prime, a war in which he condemned while Bush was still in office.

So, in a few years, will I get a bailout, Mr. President? Wait, let me answer that for myself: HELL NO! Some Republican will be in office, and that funding will be long forgotten.

Oh, before I close let me say thanks for the free OB-GYN visits for Pap and contraceptives, but I would much rather have an Education, so that one day 100 bucks for a doctor’s visit will seem like chump change.

\”Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)\” by Marvin Gaye

Peace, Blessings, and Prosperity.

2 comments on “Your President is Black and Your Pockets are Still Flat!

  1. Your PResident is black and your pockets still flat is so true Obama is not doing anything for the country. I agree with your blog. Obama needs to stop trying to make a peace pack with Iraq and address more about him cutting the education fund.


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