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Pet Peeve #2: So… We’re like not cool anymore?…?..?

Hello World!

I simply cannot stand for someone to take an exit from my life without so much as “goodbye”. There is a such thing as “common courtesy“, you know. I can’t hide it, people, that really burns me up for some many different reasons.

One, I feel like it’s a coward move–to just slink out of someone’s life. Can’t you face me one last time?

Two, this reason is big only if the relationship lasted for some years: After all we have been through, wouldn’t it only be right to sit down and discuss the issue that is breaking us apart?

I was raised to believe that if someone did something to you, you should give that person a chance to make it right.

OK, let’s say I step on your shoe, but I don’t realize the offense. Instead of cursing me out or worse, walking away with a grudge (which I am completely unaware of), you should approach me and say, “Maybe you didn’t realize it, but you just stepped on my nice sneakers!” At this point, I can do one or two things: Look at your sneakers and back up at you, scoff and walk away; or I can apologize and offer to make my offense right.

That is only reasonable, I think. Perhaps you think the other person would beg you to stay in their life? Even so, which I highly doubt (unless you were the best thing that person thought they ever had), at least you cleared the air and you know that you can walk away without fault.

For me, it just takes too much energy to ponder what went wrong and if there is anything I could have done to salvage the relationship.

I have had several people (usually females) simply up and disappear without so much as a snarl in my direction. In most cases, I will hear from so-and-so that this person doesn’t like me anymore, which is ridiculous to me because I am the same person I was when they met me. I can be a pretty crass person but this is obvious from the very first conversation with me, I don’t try to hide it because I don’t want anyone thinking I’m something that I’m not.

I don’t really prefer to be attached to many people, so in time, I am able to move on from the last person. Yet, all in all, I just don’t like people walking in and out of my life like there’s a sign up over here somewhere labeling “revolving door”. I don’t think so!

Okay, another (more selfish) reason is that I love to be routine, and someone quitting me without notice disrupts that.

Look, if you can’t face me … could you at least write me a letter/note/text? I just need to hear/read “it’s over [because] …” Even if you are just using me to get some shine for your star, you could say that, you know. I don’t know maybe I am asking for too much.

I heard that walking away is hard, so slinking away must be too easy.

Peace, Blessings, and Prosperity

\”Let\’s Stay Together\” by Lyfe Jennings

(not really, but I like the beginning lol — “is it over? how do we go about deciding … do we add up the good times and divide it by how many times we’ve hurt each other” 🙂 )

One comment on “Pet Peeve #2: So… We’re like not cool anymore?…?..?

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