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Celebrating the Life and Times of a Legend: My Dear Mother!

Mama's Love

Some are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same.
– Pearl S Buck

Hello World!

Well it’s another year, and my mother is still blessed to be amongst the living. I love that woman more than words could ever convey; she is my pillar, post, rock, and stronghold! I love her because she first believed in me long before I ever became cocky enough to boost myself up. 🙂

I know that many of you are without your mothers this year (due to whatever circumstance), and my heart truly goes out to you all. I could never imagine losing this woman; I don’t see how my sun could ever shine again if I were to lose her. I know that I will lose more than a few before I leave here, but I never want to lose her.

My mother and I don’t always see eye to eye; but, goodness, if you could see us in our element when the laughter is plentiful and pain is at bay, we are good together! It was through my mother’s tender love and grace that I became this person.

She is a legend to me. The only person I know who can put the fear of God into grown men/women and children alike, while still being just as graceful as she pleases. She was, and still is, “Glamour Girl”.

I hope to be able to accomplish half the things she has done, and to become nearly as legendary as my Main Lady. As Tupac Shakur said, she’s “the only girl that I adore … would gladly trade my life for yours!”

Thank you, Mama, for loving us. Happy birthday and many more to come, Glamour Girl!

Peace, Blessings, & Prosperity!

\”Hey Mama\” by Kanye West

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