“Northside Til I Die”: You Just Reppin, Or Leaving Something Behind for the Younger Crew?

Hello World!

Let me begin by saying I, too, am Northside. If you really love your hood, your city within the city, then it’s time to wake up. Have y’all stopped to take a closer look at our community? What do we have?

Rundown infrastructure, lax councilmen, suspect police force, surplus of liquor stores / Ma & Pop shops, POOR SCHOOLS, and high crime rates.

You probably reading this and agreeing with some points, yet you still wondering what does this have to do with you. Alright, fair enough; let’s continue.

Think of your experiences growing up on the Northside: schools, after-school activities, communal neighborhood, etc.  Wait, that not all! Now, think of what they have down on the South side: COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT!!!

Where you at, Northside, huh?? Where are the outraged citizens who are about to blast off over the fact that our kids can more readily get  cigarettes/alcohol over the counter than a handout of school supplies?? They can get jacked up by the police for walking in large crowds, but can’t get an escort home after dark. They can easily find fully functioning trap houses, but must return to their own rundown, lacking-power homes.

You reppin’, but what are you giving back? What are you demanding of those who set up shop in our hood? How much does the business that you frequent really give back to our side? As Eightball said:

“We gotta make it better for the younger ones.”

It doesn’t take much, or a big show: hit up Wal-Mart, or the Dollar Store, wherever, and buy up some extra notebook paper ($.50 or less), folders ($.10), pencils, crayons. Take those items to one of OUR schools. Or even mentor a child!

As the commercial says, “Don’t wait, do it today!” I mean, after all, it’s “NORTHSIDE TIL WE DIE,” right? Prove it!

Also, I have details to come on a project to benefit our community–and it costs you nothing. Stay tuned!

I would love to hear some of your ideas on how we can help our community. 🙂

\”Welcome to My Hood\” by DJ Khaled (Remix)

Peace, Blessings, and Prosperity!

4 comments on ““Northside Til I Die”: You Just Reppin, Or Leaving Something Behind for the Younger Crew?

  1. future major huh lol good note


  2. Not from da northside but I see da struggle and maybe u can open a few 80s baby eyes to put forward a grand effort


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