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Where is the Humanity?

Hello World!

This post is full of questions. In a few hours the American Judicial System will kill another Black man, murder another defenseless Black body. Troy Anthony Davis, 42, is accused of beating a homeless man and murdering an off-duty police officer. Davis has stated that his only crime was being a curious bystander; the real culprit allegedly framed him. Witnesses and victims have all said that there was a flaw within the system: either their statements were coerced, or they didn’t even read what the statements which they signed!

No one who has judged Davis was present at that scene in 1989, neither was I nor the current media. And dead men don’t tell no tales. However, if witnesses, and jurors, are coming forward to plea for this man’s life then we need to listen! I don’t claim to know of his guilt or his innocence, but one seed of doubt means the new evidence, the new testimonies should be taken into consideration. His fifth amendment right grants him due process and a fair trial, correct?

If this is indeed another case of a black man being railroaded, what are we to do? It’s Twenty-Eleven!!! Not 1957. Another black body being desecrated, used, and misused for the benefit of what, of who? Another case to maintain the status quo? To keep the Black (Wo/)Man in check?

So, what of this justice system if a man can spend 20+ years incarcerated but is not rehabilitated? Since, there is doubt of whether he actually committed those crimes, I think he sentence should be commuted. He will then be labeled a “felon” forever, and unable to enjoy certain American privileges, but we won’t have the blood of an innocent man on our hands. Sounds like a decent trade-off; after the amount of time he has already served, and if the penal system is working correctly (I mean it should for all the money it cost to keep it afloat), Troy Davis should be rehabilitated.

A few years back it was Stanley “Tookie” Williams, the ex-gang member, and convicted murderer who turned his life around and used it as an example to save kids from a life of hard time and crime. Last year it was Genarlow Wilson, the young man who lost a promising football career after being accused of rape of a white girl, when it was actually consensual sex. This year we have Troy Davis, who’s next? At this rate, I can tell you Davis will not be the last person the American Judicial System strategically and systematically fails!

Black men are being falsely and unduly imprisoned daily, so get your t-shirt presses hot and ready, tone up your printers and load them with ample paper, pop your knuckles and prepare to write/sign petition after petition, lace up your shoes and plan your marching route because THE AMERICAN JUSTICE IS NOT THROUGH RAILROADING BLACK MEN AND WOMEN, YET!!

By the way, it is good to see more than just Black faces standing united in this matter!

God, please, accept Troy Davis’ soul; if he is guilty, may I ask for forgiveness on his behalf and I pray he does the same. Now, may he finally be at peace in your Kingdom! Amen!

Peace, Blessings, and Prosperity!

(No music on this one, if you make it to the end, please take a moment of silence for Mr. Troy Anthony Davis. 10:08! RIP. Thanks!)

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