“Afraid in AmeriKKKa”

Hello World!
This poem, originally titled “Afraid in 2007”, was written in light of Jena 6. Alas, here we are again with more racial injustice, almost daily so it seems. I’m revisiting my thoughts from 2007. Hope you can take something from it.

Afraid in 2007

I hear you
you putting me in my place

The sheets are off

you I can see clearly now

Standing upright  with the statue of justice by your side

Pen poised to sign away my life

Your message is blatantly loud

This is your LAND

Despite my blood sweat tears

I’m your houseguest


You shoot me down

down my supporters

Assume roles man should leave be

Aligning yourself with the omniscient all-powerful

My fears seem outdated, not a fit for the 21st Century

if it was 1930s, 60s, even 80s


Yet, here in 2007 (2011)

I sit caged, awaiting retribution

for being BLACK in your WORLD!

2 comments on ““Afraid in AmeriKKKa”

  1. This is a wonderfully written piece. What’s sad is that the date can be changed to any date you want and depressingly the words will still be true! Great poem though.


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