Call Me Stupid: Being His Baby Mama is No Honor

Hello World!

This subject is bugging me something serious. I have heard from many young ladies that their significant other, or friend, is selling them a pipe dream about being a Baby Mama. Being any man’s baby mama is no honor in my eyes. I’m sorry, but I cannot buy into that backwards ideology. The only way being his Baby Mama can be considered a privilege is if he is God and you are the revamped Virgin Mary!

It was an honor for Mary to carry God’s seed, but you’re out here trying to carry regular Joe’s spawn.

Please help me understand this? What is really going on??

THERE IS NO HONOR IN BEING THAT MAN’S BABY MAMA. Point, blank, period. Think about it, seriously. If that man really wanted to honor you he would give you his last name, not one of his many seeds. Don’t fool yourself, young girl. You are worthy of  a title far greater than “Baby Mama.” How does “his wife” or “mother of his child(ren)” sound to you? Sounds pretty darn good to me. Actually, it sounds way better than carrying the stigma of being “just his Baby Mama.”

This is what I wish for all of you; it was written that you should have all of that and more. (I don’t recall reading of any baby mamas in the Good Book, and that is the only book that matters to me.)

That’s it, yall, no need for this post to be too long; my point has been made. It’s your life live it how you want. But my position will not change; I value myself and am well aware of my worth: you will not depreciate or simplify my value by making me into your baby’s mama!

*Note: This post is not in any way an attack on Baby Mamas. Do your thang! It’s simply not for me.*

My Baby Daddy, hear also \”Baby Mama\” by Fantasia Barrino

Peace, Blessings, and Growth!


2 comments on “Call Me Stupid: Being His Baby Mama is No Honor

  1. I agree I do not want that title either. I just want to comment on the “good book” if that refers to the bible..I do believe Jacob started the 12 tribes and I know for sure they all were not from his wives


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