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Drop ‘Em: Some ‘Friends’ Won’t Make the Cut

Hello World!
If you know me then you know from reading the title that this post must not be about me. It’s not. My homegirl called me last night to ask for my honest opinion on an absurd comment that was bothering her. Of course, I agreed to assist her. So, I’m presenting the comment and my opinion here. Why am I telling her business to you? Because you can possibly benefit from it, and because in these days you will have to watch those so-called friends closer than your known enemy. The Devil is busy, y’all, stay alert!

My homegirl has been trying to live a more Godly life by limiting her social drinking, forbidding sexual activity, and devoting herself to Church and her Christian-duties. I applaud her all the way because it is not an easy journey. However, her “friend” told her that she is “trying too hard to be a Christian.” My initial reaction was “WHAT THE WHAT?! Drop her ASAP!”

Let me say you cannot ‘try too hard’ to be a Christian, if anything many people are not trying hard enough to have a closer walk with Christ. In my opinion a real friend would encourage your righteousness, not discourage you. But I will say that I am disappointed in my homegirl for even saying that this comment shook her faith slightly, that it made her question herself and go to God and even ask if she was possibly “doing too much?” Absolutely not!

This person should have been deleted from her life right then in that moment. I don’t care if they were riding down a four-lane highway, she would have had to excuse herself from my vehicle!

Not only is she wrong to discourage her “friend,” this particular person seems envious of my homegirl’s walk with Christ. Not everyone is strong enough to stroll the Christian path; instead of checking herself she chose to attack her “friend.” If you have negative friends in your circle: someone who can never truly wish you well, can find the single negative atom in all things positive then it is time to DROP ‘EM!

If my homegirl does not drop this particular “friend” she is only inviting negativity into her foundation, and threatening her own walk with Christ. There will be plenty of uninvited people and issues along her journey which will attempt to dim her light, therefore there is no need to voluntarily keep this girl on board.


Peace, Growth, and Prosperity

\”Back stabbers\” by the O\’Jays

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