Taking a Stand Because Someone Stood for Me

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When ordinary people wake up, elites begin to tremble in their boots. ~Cornel West

A strong number of The University of Alabama’s students and faculty came together on Wednesday in protest of the many racial incidents which have been occurring on campus in recent months and years.

I participated in this march for several reasons, primarily because it is time. It is time for us to wake up and make our voices heard. Time for students to actualize their power.

I showed up today because I truly hope that if we honestly address it now one day my nieces, nephews, and (hopefully) my own kids will be able to focus solely on their schoolwork instead of on overbearing racial incidents. No, the world won’t be absolutely perfect for them, but we cannot deny the fact that our mere presence on UA’s campus today is the direct result of a few people going before us and sacrificing their safety and comfort.

A 30-minute march from one end of campus to the other is the least I can do for the future generations. And I did it with great pride! It’s an act of love for my people, not just Black people but all people who stand against injustices.

Will it make a difference? I can only hope that some positive results will spring forth. In the face of constant hatred and racism it is hard to remain optimistic, yet I must. You must. We must. Don’t lose faith. That is one thing that I really appreciated about the march: Students were united in diversity. White, Hispanic and Black students stood together! It was beautiful to know that many refuse to let race divide us.

I met a young white lady out there who told me she was raised by racist parents in a small Alabama town. Ironically, she was the friendliest and nicest person I had talked to all day. She said she knew there was something wrong with the things her parents believed and said about people who looked different from them. She fought that mentality. And she marched, too!

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who braved the cold and the uncertainty to march for racial inclusiveness. It mattered then and will matter in the times to come. BUT we cannot let that one stand of unity be the last that UA hears from us. We have to continue this fight until we get the desired results. LET’S CONTINUE OUR MOMENTUM!!!



2 comments on “Taking a Stand Because Someone Stood for Me

  1. This is so real. We gotta do our part and not just complain about our situation. Great post!


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