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Guest Bloggers Series: Cheating, is it Really the Issue?

Blogger: The Weigt Room

[Note from Ramblings of an Intellectual Sistah: At my discretion, some of the contents of this post have been censored in respect to all audiences.]

Let me begin by introducing myself. You can call me GetYaWeigtUp, or I’m better known as Weigt for short. I’ve longed for the opportunity to present you with pure entertainment from a sociological, historical, metamorphical, and sometimes distorted point of view.  Here in the Weigt Room, we take the gloves off and let it fly like none other. Totally uncensored; so you will have to excuse me for any language that you may or may not understand or think is out of the realm of professional journalism. I’m not a journalist, I’m a [bleep] with a platform! See? I warned you … Let’s get started!

The other day, a co-worker of mine asked a very interesting question as we were having a discussion about women and relationships. He said, “Why can’t [bleep] ever be satisfied?” I was at a lost for words. At that very moment, I really didn’t know. I felt like I couldn’t provide him with an answer as to “why [bleep] can’t ever be satisfied”, or in other words, why men cheat. I could only do one thing, ask my Facebook friends the same question and see what they thought.

Quincy responded:

“Cuz we can’t ever stop cheating until we come to [understand] ONE  simple fact. No matter what you have at home, its gone always be someone better out there but chasing that is like chasing the first high you get off some crack. You gone spend ya’ whole life chasin’ it, and end up with nothin’ at the end.”

Quincy’s view is a very interesting way of looking at the phenomenon. I hadn’t thought about it this way at all, but it made a lot of sense. I believe what Quicy is telling us is that men can’t be convinced by their woman that they are the best available option. If this is so, women = epic fail! Q is on to something here. In his eyes, women are having a hard time holding enough of their men attention for them not to search for other prospects. That raises a whole new question: What do other women have that your girl doesn’t?

That could be a lot of things, such as money, a bigger [butt], nicer breasts, she could flat out look better, have a better attitude, be a better listener, or she could enjoy watching the game instead of asking when is it going off. The reasons why we chase other women are absolutely endless. But I believe the one main reason why we still chase other women and cheat is because women have failed in their attempts to keep us interested enough to prevent us from chasing other women.

At one point you chased your girl all over the place. We want it, so we chase after it. Initially, it looked like a prize that we had to have. It was a trophy we wanted on our shelf. It was must-see TV so instead of setting the DVR, we made sure were tuned in at 9 pm to watch the show. But somewhere during the second season things began to change. The storyline got a little stale and we lost some interest. Herein lies the issue …

Another Facebooker likened my question to dogs and cats. Dogs only chase cats that run! If the cat don’t run, the dog don’t chase. The good thing is (well, at least for the man) is there’s always a cat right next door that will seize the opportunity to be chased. This smart kitty knows he’ll chase her if she runs, so she takes off as fast as she can; and just like clockwork there goes that dog after her. Why? Because his natural instinct is to chase the cat! Ladies, if you don’t want your man to cheat, keep running so he can keep chasing.

Because in the end, it’s not him cheating on you, it’s you cheating yourself!


\”Strange Clouds\” by B.O.B.

One comment on “Guest Bloggers Series: Cheating, is it Really the Issue?

  1. I was going to refrain from commenting until the general audience had a chance to jump in. … However, agree or disagree, I get what you are saying. But I don’t think your interpretation of Quincy’s comment is accurate–only he can correct us. That comment does not say the woman is at fault for not “holding her man’s attention.” It says men will constantly search outside the home until he is perfectly content with what he has there.


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