More Amber Coles Than We Admit

Hello World,

By now, I’m sure the majority of you are familiar with the leaked video of a 14-year-old CHILD on her knees in front of a young boy in the act of oral sex, the video was made with at least three other boys watching.

I felt it was very important to address this issue. But as I was researching to see what others are saying about it, I came across this blog. After reading this, I mean, well, really there is not much more I can add. However, in true form, I will address the gender bias at play in this situation, as well as a point made in this blog about white feminists jumping on board.

I have never taken kindly to the preferential treatment that young men get over young ladies. If you are hard on one, should you not be hard on both? For instance, my mother and father always preached abstinence to my sister and me, we were made to know our roles as young girls, and held to different standards than my brothers. They were allowed to stay out a little later without any admonition. When either my sister or I protested this treatment the answer was always the same: They are boys, they don’t have to bring a baby home. HUH?!

You simply cannot applaud boys for their sexual endeavors/conquests/notches, etc and then turn around and give a tongue lashing or worse to the young girl who allowed it to happen. That’s neither fair nor realistic.

If you teach your daughters to say “No,” then you should teach your sons not to ask!

Boys are expected to adventure into the realm of adult sex very early, pre-teens in some cases. This is not okay.

Now, as far as the issue of where are the white feminists … I take issue with this for several reasons; mainly, the call for white feminists seems like an attempt to shift the focus of this situation. If you are calling white feminists to stand alongside black feminists in this case, then cool. BUT if you are approaching white feminists with an attitude of “Why aren’t you talking about this issue RIGHT NOW, is it because she’s a BLACK ‘sister’?” Then I have a problem.

Forget the white/black dynamic of this situation for the time being and focus solely on OUR (Black communities’) response. We, more than any other force today, created these conditions which made an Amber Cole scenario even possible, see previous post. Amber Cole obviously is a product of her environment, and the problematic forms of entertainment we are allowing our youth to partake.

One final thing that needs to be said is that the Ambers of the world need to be taught their WORTH. They need to hear that they are beautiful, valuable, and precious gifts to be treasured not humiliated and bowed to a position less than a dog. After she gets her tail whipped for that disgraceful act, she needs to be held really tight for a really long time and told all of these things. And then you BAN B.E.T., Basketball Wives, Single Ladies, and Maury, among other detrimental shows.

We must hold our communities, our parents, our brothers, our sisters, even our Ambers and our young boys accountable for these actions. No one is to be excused from this atrocity. This scenario is happening more than we are aware of, but with one big difference: it’s not being uploaded to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Peace, Blessings, and Prosperity

\”A Rose is Still a Rose\” by Aretha Franklin

2 comments on “More Amber Coles Than We Admit

  1. I agree with this all the way. Young boys and girls should be set equal, but even more then that these ladies need to think about what their doing and not letting this little boys take advantage of them. They need to have the mind in places where it’ll benefit them the most; God, school, sports, their future, etc….


  2. Yes, Victoria, times are much different these day, and as a result, young girls and boys have to be more conscientious of their actions. Great comment, thanks!


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