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Beyond a Doubt, This I Know

Hello World!

I had a wonderful weekend, with a slight disappointment. But with all things in this life there will be some disappointment. So, I shook it off and reassessed my situation. I have concluded that I know three Truths to be absolute, and of these, my faith shall not be shaken no matter what. The three absolute truths that I believe in wholeheartedly are

  1. My God
  2. My Mother
  3. My Alabama Football–Roll Tide Roll

I was predestined to believe in all three! My mother’s love was a guarantee from the first day we met; she promised it to me, and I can say beyond a doubt I have received it and the fullness thereof. Through my lovely mother I came to know Christ. Since I could speak, my mother taught me how to close my prayers to give reverence to the Holy Trinity. I gave Him my all at the tender age of 15. So no, there is no doubt when it comes to my Salvation.

And finally, it was also through my mother (and father) and her limited edition No.2 (of 100) Roll Tide van that I came to know Alabama Football. That van was made in the early 1980s, and was the prized possession of our family. I even learned how to drive in that white bulky van with its crimson stripes and prominently displayed lettering of “ROLL TIDE.” Win or lose, I will always have the Pride of the Tide written across my heart.

I bleed crimson, and I know that is no mistake!

I hold these particular Truths to be self-evident that no matter what the Tide will always Rise again! Fight on men!!

~Peace, Blessings, and Prosperity~

\”All Summer Long\” by Kid Rock

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