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“Whatsoever you do unto to the least of these …”

Hello World!

I write this post on a somber note. Worry not, I won’t trouble you long, but I do want it to be known: We are living in some of the most scariest times of our lives.

Children. They are precious. They are innocent. They should be shielded. They should be cherished. Why won’t we love the children? Love, that term is meant in a healthy, purpose-filled way. The relationship you would have with an adult is not to meant for a child.

What I don’t understand is that if a man or woman feels the need to have relations with someone, why don’t they find a willing subject matter that is of age?? There are prostitutes and gigolos by the dozens out here. Even if you have a sick fetish could you not act it out with an adult? Leave the children alone!

Children. They are not safe anymore, probably never were. Pastors, Teachers, Coaches, Cousins, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers–all are potential predators of your children. And, that’s a damned  shame.

I’m not getting into a battle over who was right and who was wrong in the latest fiasco. That matters not; I’m only standing for the Children.

I believe that no matter what our affiliations, whatever, or whoever, we stand for, no matter our loyalties we can all agree on the sanctity of children and their innocence. We can all share outrage at the thought of a child, any child anywhere, suffering. It is especially upsetting if that suffering comes at the hand of someone they are supposed to trust and respect.

Take it how you want.

~Peace, Growth, and Prosperity~

\”Zion\” by Lauryn Hill

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