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A Conversation with My Daddy

Hello World!

Today is my Daddy’s birthday! I know it’s a great day for him because he’s spending this one, as he’s done the last 21, with God. I’ve often wished for at least one more conversation with many loved ones who have traveled on to the other side. Hmm, have you ever asked God to grant such a wish? I wonder how a reunion like that would go. So, here’s my imagined conversation with my Daddy, in poetic form.

Hi Daddy

We don’t have long

Pardon me if I talk too fast

Well, Lil Pokey, you get that from ya Mommy

That’s true. But I gotta say, boy, we sure have missed you!

Baby, I’ve always been here with you …

Yes, I know.

Daddy, I wanna bottle up your hugs and kisses

Promise I’d share them with Mama, too!

Babygirl, I kiss you both every night.

But, Daddy, your baby girl has made some mistakes …

done some acts I wish I could take back

I was only trying to find those familiar strong arms that I lost in ’89

Baby, you mean mine?

Yes, Daddy, but you were gone …

Thought some boy playing man could fill your void

Daddy, if you were here

think you would have taught me to recognize

the boys’ many lies, false smiles?

I needed you, Daddy

so I settled for some little daddy here and there

I’m ashamed and sorry.

No, Babygirl, hold your head cus it all made you stronger!

You’re my independent, intelligent Queen now,

 and your Daddy’s mighty proud.

Well, thank you, Daddy–

I think I hear Him callin’ ….

I  love you, and Mommy does, too.

Be happy and stand strong, Babygirl,

I’m watching you always –Slow down, don’t rush

We’ll be waiting for y’all!

~Peace, Blessings, and Prosperity~

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