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Happy THANKSgiving!!

Hello World!

It’s Turkeytime!! As you prepare for this special time with family, friends, or solo remember to give thanks accordingly. You didn’t get to November 24, 2011 all by yourself.

Unfortunately, some of us need a designated day to give thanks because we can strut around 364 days like we created every one.

To even write this post to you all is a blessing, one that I do not take lightly. And you, my friends, are blessed to read it. This life is so funny-acting that you can never be sure from one moment to the next. Think about it, you have lost someone this year or heard of someone’s passing who were either too young to go, perhaps too sweet to be gone from this cold world. But they are gone. So, as you eat and spread good cheer this season, do it because you are still here. That’s more than enough to be thankful for, wouldn’t you say?

You may have heard the old saying, “We are here because somebody prayed for us.” Well, it’s time for you to contribute to the Prayer Pot! Pray for them all: stranger, friend and foe. Take a moment to give thanks to your Most High. Give thanks to, or for, any and everyone who offered you some assistance throughout the year: a smile, a hug, kind words, monetary donations/loans, and overall good times.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! Let me know how it goes 🙂

Peace, Blessings, & Prosperity

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