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It’s Wintertime: Shave Yo Legs?!?

Hello World!

This is just a random post … mind-wandering moment.

Ladies, do you shave and whatnot in the “off-season”? HAHA. I mean, in the wintertime, do you still go all out and shave your “parts” (legs,under-arms, etc.)?

Personally, I still hit the nail shop for my pedi, just because I like to see pretty feet as I walk barefoot across my pre-heated floors at home. 🙂 I find it sexy, and really that’s my motivation!

Now, does it even matter if you have a man or not? Is that a factor for whether you do that type of grooming?

*Also, if you don’t shave AT ALL, I’m not polling you, AT ALL* Do you, boo.

So, ladies –sound off; and fellas, give me your opinions, too, if ya like.

~Peace, Growth, and Prosperity~

Funny lyrics about shaving your legs:

If you shave your legs I’ll stay home every night
I’ll defer to you, I’ll let you win every fight
I’ll forget about all the things that you said
All the times you’ve hurt me and left me for dead
If you Neet your legs I’ll lie at your feet
I won’t come home drunk and fall fast asleep

If they’re soft and smooth I’ll be faithful and true
I’ll forget all my friends that take time from you
If they’re sleek and shiny we can have a child
You can call it want you want, you can let it run wild
Just rub yourself against me once in a while
Let me run my lips down them, give me a reason to smile–“Shave Your Legs”  by Pursuit of Happiness

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