The Big, Bad “D” Word!

Hello World!

Some girls and guys get a thrill out of it. Many can’t get enough. A lot of folk can’t  wait to do it again. Hey, they might even have it on the agenda for tonight!

Not me, though. And, I know from talking with a few homegirls that I am not the only one with this reluctant feeling. But, I suppose I have to suck it up and get right back with it.

Geez, why does it have to be so hard, not to mention it’s pretty darn scary! It is a means to an end, however; so, we have to face: THE DATING POOL!!!!

My list for hating the dating game is extensive, but there are few that rank at the very top. And, being a Gemini has something to do with almost all of them.

The top reason for my reluctance is that I really dislike the whole “getting to know each other” stage. I am a multifaceted person and to learn every side may take a while. Why torture myself with sharing all that with someone new? I do not want to learn a new person all over again. This really explains why I keep a current number for the guys from the past. (Don’t judge me!) Ugh, not to mention you have to meet and get attached to the other special people in this person’s life. Really, if it doesn’t work out, you are not just dumping/being dumped by the one person, but their fam/homies, too! Spare me the additional tears and drama, please.

As a Gemini I have many quirks, which I hate explaining over and over again. Also, another wonderful and complex trait is that I love a routine, sprinkled with spontaneity. Meeting someone new breaks the routine, you know. Why does “Dating” have to be the way to meet The One?

I wish people had little key holes in some discreet place, and when you are ready to be paired off you just try your key. If it fits that’s your guy/girl for life, if not you move on with nothing exchanged–simple as that! But most importantly, this person would already know everything about you and vice versa. Those of us who hate the big bad “D” probably think this idea is not too shabby! I know I’m game 🙂

But, I’m sure those of you who just absolutely love to date will say that I’m just not doing it right. Yea, I hear you.  Go ahead, though, knock yourself out and enjoy that thang!

~Peace, Growth, and Prosperity~

2 comments on “The Big, Bad “D” Word!

  1. Yep! Dating sucks!! Nuff said!!


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