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Hello World!

I’m taking a different angle with this post. I have discovered some pretty fantastic things/people lately, all of which I want to share with you. Now, if you have been following me for a minute, then you should know that I’m all over the place—therefore, expect nothing less from my top endorsements! So, let’s jump right into it.

1. Karma’s World: This unique educational site was developed by rapper/businessman/father Ludacris. I tested this site out on my 7-year-old nephew and 9-year-old niece; they loved everything from the background graphics to the catchy, age-appropriate rap songs. My nephew (who is against anything other than playtime) actually wanted to read the instructions himself. AND he scored 100 percent on the matching (or choosing which picture one would not find in Mexico:)! I am definitely sold on this site. This site has learning materials for children in grades 1-3 and 4-6. If you are a teacher (there is a teacher resources link) or you are  in the presence ofschool-age children, consider a bookmark for this site. Check out Karma’s World!

2. Local Artists and Entrepreneurs: I am blown away by our local talent in Huntsville, Alabama. And, yes, I am a little late in joining the bandwagon for some of them, but I’m onboard now! That being said, I am still discovering new music and talented individuals–so, if you are not mentioned here, maybe next time around 🙂

  • G-Side–OMG!: I absolutely love so many songs by this duo. They rep Alabama all the way! It is wonderful to see this group travel to their fans. I caught a show in Tuscaloosa, and I can say they definitely brought a genuine vibe. But what was really fascinating is that their hardcore hip-hop, my personal opinion, has crossed over to other ethnicities, not just African Americans. I cannot describe the sensation I witnessed when thorough-bred white boys were shouting “SLOW MO TIL THE WORLD BLOW!” G-Side currently has three albums available for purchase or download. How amazing is it that this independent group can boast of being “internationally-known”? Really, they have played to sold-out shows in Norway! The music is definitely worth a listen! *Oh, don’t forget their label mate, Kristmas–he has the lyrical wordplay* Follow them on Twitter: @GSide_Music.
  • Street Team Music: Here is another Huntsville duo that boasts of “good music.” I must agree, they are surely putting good music back onto the streets, and into hip hop. I had the privilege of seeing these guys perform in an intimate setting, and I gotta say, I have not seen that type of energy matched ANYWHERE! You could almost touch the electricity coming from them as they perform. They are their music! It’s positive music with a message, now you know that’s rare these days. And they got pretty cool people backing them, so success should be near. This duo also has three albums to-date. In Flight Meal is probably my favorite, but, please, have a listen and choose your own fave:) Follow StreetTeam on Twitter, as well: @stmuzic.
  • Jewelry, Jewelry!! It’s all the craze right now. If you are looking for some quality handmade wrap and beaded bracelets, check out Ren Jewels on Facebook, and @ RenJewels on Twitter. As an owner of the classic wrap bracelet, I promise you will love this piece. His prices are fair, too. Also, he now carries watches! Go ahead and make a special request, Ren Jewels is sure to deliver!

Now, let me state for the record, I get NOTHING out of these endorsements. Except maybe to see good people and products come out on top 🙂 That’s more than enough for me to continue my support, and to encourage yours as well. So, if you are following this blog, please pass by the links, at least, and let em know if you like what you see/hear!

Thanks folk!

~Peace, Blessings, and Prosperity~

3 comments on “My Top Endorsements

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  2. You might as go team up with them and get something. Guns and butter baby!


  3. What’s “Guns and butter”? I’m behind on the colloquialisms, I suppose. LOL Help a Sistah out!


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