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No Apologies

Hello …

I will not apologize to any man who is taken aback by my qualities and attributes. I am not sorry that I am nothing like his previous relationships and encounters.

Life sucks when you are living in the past, in constant fear of that Ex popping up again. I will not be forced to apologize because I am not her; you cant see it because you are convinced that since I, too, possess a vagina I must be akin to her. Sorry, boo, you are mistaken, and you are about to lose out on a treasure.

Ironically, I dont hold you accountable for the guys in my past. Why? Well, you are not one in the same. Your faults and mistakes are yours, not a collective male trait.

You expect the bad from your past relationships at every turn. You are only ruining for us what could be.

Oh well, no apologies from me because I am who I am, yet that is definitely not She. Good luck finding her again, which shouldnt be hard since your paranoia will most likely turn a good chick into her. LOL.

No apologies: It’s clear I’m not what you want and clearly not what you are ready for.

The end.

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