Who Do You Believe In?

Hello World!

Life is crazy, and it only seems to be getting crazier by the days . So, I’m wondering: What is your belief system?

No, I’m not trying to preach or convert you, although I can tell you some things about my God, if you’d like to know.

I really just want you to think and believe in something other than yourselves. At some point, every man must admit that there is something in this universe greater than himself.

I have been seeing frequent posts here and there on these social media sites in which some people are professing to not believe in a Higher Power.

How is that even possible?! How do you breathe daily? How do you explain the growth of flowers? How does the fowl of the air grow and sustain? The sun? The moon? The planets?

I guess I’m just missing the point, same as other’s are missing out on a faith in a Supreme Being. You gotta believe in something. And if you really don’t believe in anything, how about giving my Savior, Jesus Christ, a try? Or Jehovah, Allah, somebody.

Like I said, this is not about trying to convert you; I don’t mean to be intrusive, or turn y’all off. It’s actually about prompting you to think on a larger scale.

~Peace, Blessings, and Growth~

Scarface, “Who Do You Believe In?”

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