Woman to Skank: Really, what’s your secret?

Hello World!

Let’s cut straight, no need for a chaser, to the issue at hand. Ladies (and, I emphasize ladies), have you ever found yourself looking at a couple and wondering, “WHAT THE HELL?! HOW SHE PULL HIM?!” Be honest, now.

Okay, here’s the scenario: You have an alright to decent man, who may have some things going for himself, stroll right by you. On this man’s arm is a woman who you KNOW is only good for one, maybe two, things–none of which can/should be mentioned at the dinner table. She obviously is not of the same caliber as this fellow. She lacks real ambition. Like, you look at her and think she only came to know the term “independent” through Lil Boosie–I mean it’s that bad. She is, in short, a skank, a hoe, the lowest of the low.

Yet, she has THE man. Come on now, you can’t tell me you didn’t do a double take, scratch your head, and say, “huh?…” Especially, if you happen to be single … and a real lady, at that! What’s going on, here? How does this happen?

I thought it was supposed to be “a lady in the street and a freak in the bed.” These days they are all-out freaks and empty-headed, yet they still manage to pull some good dudes. I must be missing something.

My confusion is truly great on this subject!

A good dude will swoop up a skank and make her his lady in a minute; but he will get a good woman and “hold on” to her for months, even years without ownership because he’s still undecided.

That is downright comical, if you ask me. I chuckled just writing it. Go on, ask a man about his previous relationships: half of ’em were prolly with skanky women.

Really, they will jump full-body into a situation with a skank, and then have the nerve to only dip a big toe in the pool with a good woman! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

Fellas, enlighten us, please! Cus darnit, I’m L-O-S-T!

Better yet, can I get a brave skank (as most of them usually are) to answer this post? I’m pleading with y’all.

Any good women willing to admit they have thought the same thing; I know I’m not the only one.

~Peace, Blessings, & Growth~

“Dontcha” by The Pussycat Dolls

4 comments on “Woman to Skank: Really, what’s your secret?

  1. Why did you pick THIS picture?


  2. While I agree with you 100% don’t we tend to do the same thing as women? “Good guys always finish last?” Isn’t it rather a problem with human nature rather than good guys and their skanks?


  3. Hmm… that’s a good point to add to this discussion, definitely a worthy flip of the coin. So, we need to explore the attraction to bad boys and skanks over good guys/girls, right? I can dig it, Lindz.


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