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Goals Accomplished: Check!


People always ask me why am I still in school, and/or do I really need a PhD. It’s funny that they do this with such disdain and puzzlement.

I have been told that my aura gives off the vibe that I am better than others; therefore, I have to be very careful with the words I choose to answer this question. I also have to be mindful of my facial expressions.

I find the last inquiry a little easier to answer: No, I don’t really need a postdoctoral degree, but I want one.

Yet, question #1 is still on the table … and believe me, they do wait for an answer because, well, I guess they think I’m a big Dummy for still doing the “school thing”.

So, I give them the generic answer, “Oh, I like school. It’s not that bad, and one day I’ll be an “expert” on a subject. LOL.”

However, I really want to say a variation of the following.

Do you know that feeling you get when every goal you set as a child has been accomplished? You know people say to you, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ And I’d say, “A Journalist.” Well, hehe, I DID that– and I was pretty good at it, too. Oh, boy was the money stupid good! (And, I was not stingy, either. I gave back to the ‘hood and my family.) I had traveled a bit, ventured out on my own. Mama’s babygirl was NOT afraid to fly. I had the Bachelor’s and the dream job. But I didn’t feel ‘complete’. So, I re-evaluated my life, determined that I was pretty please when I looked back over my list and saw: ‘GOAL ___ : √’. All the goals I had set for myself as a youngster had been accomplished, plus some awesome additions.

Hence, at the tender age of 23, I needed a “another chapter,” so to speak. Here’s where the whole “back to school thing” came into play. I believe I can make a greater difference in the classroom. In fact, teaching is quite rewarding.

Now, if I said that to half the people asking me that question, they would accuse me of being smug with a ‘better than thou’ attitude. Not so, at all, I’m just blessed and highly favored. I must pass on the blessings, by any means necessary :).

Two morals to the story: 1) Set goals. Accomplish goals. But keep setting more goals. Live a little more each time 🙂 Never become stagnant and content with your progress. As long as you’re breathing, you can go a little farther.

2) To the haters, if you stopped worrying about what, why, where, and how I’m doing me, you just might get half of your goals accomplished … or better yet, start a checklist of your own. (The above “me” is interchangeable with anyone else you may be jocking:)

There’s always room for growth and improvement, where will you start?

~Peace, Blessings, and Prosperity~

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