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TV One: Finally Getting it Right

Hello World!

I tuned in on Wednesday night to TV One’s new docu-series Find Our Missing. Albeit, I caught parts of it at the original airtime because it conflicts with NBC’s Law & Order: SVU; luckily, it was re-aired at 11p.

My initial thought when I heard about this show was, “FINALLY!” A lot of us have complained that their is no media knocking down our doors when one of our own happens to be the victim, and I agree somewhat. You can’t turn to Nancy Grace and see a 5×6 portrait of our missing babies, mothers, and fathers; it’s hard-pressed to even get a mention on primetime news shows.

So, what took so long? Now that we have the resources: we own networks, cable channels, television sitcoms, etc. There comes a time when you must stop waiting on someone else to save you, if you can, you have to save yourself. The energy we put into arguing against CNN and HLN for shunning our missing, could we not have been building a platform on BET, and TV One to highlight our community’s woes? Entertainment news, celebrity gossip, and African American cast shows are cool; I would never knock that as long as it’s done with a sense of decency (yes, this is pointing at you, BET, smh). But there’s some serious issues that we need to address.

Even Tyler Perry could have been revolutionary enough to show a different pic/person at the end of his TBS comedy/dramas. It doesn’t seem really farfetched to me; anything is possible.

But, back to Find Our Missing. I was impressed, and of course I loved that the host was S. Epatha Merkerson (formerly of Law and Order)! The show was presented in a serious format, which was appropriate. To be honest, a major cable network, like ID Discovery, needs to pick this show up. Getting the word out on our network(s) is the first start, and the best way to get the rest of the nation into action.

I recommend this show to y’all; tune in and check it out. It comes on Wednesday @ 9p, Central time.  And, if you know something, say something! Good job, TV One!!

~Peace, Blessings, & Prosperity~

“I’ll be Missing You,” by P. Diddy

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