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“Red Tails”: Still Waiting on the Last Bullet

Hello World!

Let’s get to it. I don’t like to hold back or beat around the bush much. Red Tails, a movie based on the famed Tuskegee Airmen, features an all-black cast. With the current state, and history, of Hollywood, the all-black cast with a Black agenda definitely deserves praise!

Yet, that does not negate the fact that I sat in that theater for an entire 2hrs, and got little to nothing by way of a significant storyline. Also, the real history lessons were lost in translation, so it seems. What were the background of the brave men? Where did they come from? Could we have seen a piece of them in Tuskegee, AL?

As another reviewer said to me, “They had more than enough time to cover [such information].” But the ironic thing is that I cannot tell you what happened in the movie that replaced these missing moments. That’s sad. And the fighting scenes? Oh boy. I didn’t have a clue which squadron was fighting and winning; there was not enough distinction and, unfortunately, the red tails did not stick out in the clouds.

Where was Junior [Tristan Wilds] in the days/weeks/months after his capture/escape? Really, I could have done without the scathing remark from the white prisoner, “At least they can’t see you in the dark.” Huh, say that again? He WAS NOT EVEN THAT DARK, for crying out loud. I know that was supposed to be a nice ‘farewell, so long friend..Godspeed’ but it so missed the mark.

I will score Red Tails with a C-, and that’s been generous. If this was all that George Lucas had to offer then I see why other producers in Hollywood turned him down—and it does not seem as racially-motivated as it does about a weak storyline. Finally, I didn’t expect the credits to roll without a little glimpse into what happened to the surviving Airmen at the end of the movie!

Happy to support the all-black cast … but the sub-par story and acting (what the hell was Cuba Gooding. Jr. doing the whole movie. He did not bring his A-Game!) must stop. We can’t just get by on the guilt trips of “woe is Hollywood.” I laughed and scolded those who said Lucas was trying to guilt people into watching this movie. But now, it just may not be too far from the truth.

~Peace, Blessings, & Prosperity~

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