It’s Real Out Here: ‘News’ that Irks Me

Hello World!

This post is a compilation of news stories from this week and the past two weeks that have simply irked me to my wits’ end! The stories are listed here in no particular order because they are all absurd and disgusting. Human beings are sinking to a whole new low … and, unfortunately, there’s no bottom in sight!

Of course, with it being election season, politics have gotten out of hand. But these recent turn of events are completely ridiculous. No, you don’t have to agree, or even like, the President of the United States of America; but if you are in America, at any point, you should have some respect for him (or her). So, the first two “news stories that irk me” center around President Barack Obama.

1) Newspaper Editor: Israel Should Consider Assassinating Obama (Of course, he later apologizes, but who cares because he surely meant it. There was plenty of time to have a change of heart before his paper went to press.)

2) Arizona governor, Obama in ‘tense’ exchange over book (I’m sure everyone has seen or heard about this by now –pure disrespect! And, if anyone asks me: A pure publicity stunt for her sorry book on how to isolate Arizona within the U.S. I disagree with the man all day, but you won’t catch my little finger in his face.)

3) Accused teacher blindfolded kids for ‘tasting’ test, source says (Well, this headline is very misleading: “Accused teacher blindfolded kids for unexpected semen testing, source says” is the real deal. I say as this sorry figment of a human being lies dying from lethal injection, they should give him an overdose of his own semen! How sick can you be to do this to children?! This story, and others like it, really breaks my heart 😦 . )

That’s all for now. ~Peace, Blessings, & Prosperity

2 comments on “It’s Real Out Here: ‘News’ that Irks Me

  1. You’re not the only 1 who got digusted!!


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