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♥ Don’t Ignore the Day of Love! ♥

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Last year's Valentine's Day idea!

Hello World!

It is a guarantee that for just one day out of the 365, I will be on my best behavior; absolutely the most positive and cheerful person you will encounter! Which day??? VALENTINE’S DAY!! For as long as I can remember I have adored this day.

I know it sounds crazy, and really, I can’t explain it. It is a day of LOVE: no reasons, no exceptions … just love everyone! Oh, I know some of you are ready to pounce with that age-old statement, “You should love everyone, EVERYDAY.”

Yeah, you should. But we really don’t. So, this is my favorite day (besides my date of birth) and I will celebrate and enjoy it by loving everyone I meet or speak with :). My brother used to send me roses and teddy bears; well he’s gone now, so there are no more packages to expect on 2/14. Yet, I still love the day!

Last year, someone tried to ruin my day. Right, shame on that person! LOL. It almost worked, too. I talked to someone close to me, and (although she hates how cheerful I am on that day) she said, “I know you are not sad on your favorite day. It’s Valentine’s Day! This is not you.” She was so right!

However, she also gave me a great piece of advice that I think I will continue this year as a tradition :). She told me to give out candy or something to make myself feel better. You know, give to others in order to increase your happiness. IT WORKED!! 

My mom was in the hospital at the time. Think about it, is there a more fitting place to lift spirits than at a hospital?! I bought Valentine’s themed Tootsie Pops and passed them out to everyone I crossed paths with in that hospital: from the entrance attendant, to patients, to janitors, to visitors, to EVERYONE. Boy, the smiles and looks of astonishment were AMAZING!

Here’s the key to a Lovely Valentine’s Day:

Enjoy yourself, Love yourself, and Love others! You don’t have a significant Valentine? Yes, you do: Everyone you meet is your Valentine–if you put a smile on their face (do this by simply smiling and speaking:); a smile on their face is a smile in your heart!

This could just be the beginning to loving everyone 365 … Who knows?

♥Peace, Blessings, & Prosperity♥

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