Shorty, you tryna holla?!

Hello World!

Get this: They say I’m wrong because the short guys can’t get any love!! To that I say, Oh The Hell Well!

Some people prefer Black, others White; some prefer fat, others stick-man slim; some want baldy, others the hairy bushman. But me? Give me a tall order all day.  What I hit for?? 5’7 or better!:)

I don’t intend to be mean or hurtful to the shorties; but good golly! I’m short, too short! So, tell me just what the heck am I gonna do with someone my height or two inches taller??

Neither one of us can reach the top shelf. Heaven forbid, we curse the babies and they can’t help us get to the top shelf, either. SMH! Absolutely not gonna happen!

Now, if I was 5’7 or taller, yea okay, then I would take a chance on loving a short man! Just not trying to be the “cute little couple,” literally. LOL.

If I fall for a shorty, we will have to get a sperm donor with heightened sensibilities 🙂

~Peace, Blessings, & GROWTH~

4 comments on “Shorty, you tryna holla?!

  1. I can’t deal with the shorties either!! I dated a guy my height once and I could never be seen in public with him wearing a pair of stilettos!! And I love wearing my heels and pumps!!


  2. problem is most women like tall men, not just some. i am 6’3 but my brother is 5’5 and it upsets me how women blow him off. messed up it is the comment about a sperm donor because wanting tall sons (social privilege) is no different than a man rejecting a black women so his kid wont have bad hair (social privilege). i hope your sons get cursed with your short genes no matter the height of your sperm donor.


  3. @Chyla: I’m with you all the way–not giving up the stilettos!! 🙂

    @Jooka: I respect your comment. Actually, 5’5 is not really that short for me LOL, it’s doable. Sorry your brother is blown off; but I still feel it’s a preference and the right of the person to make that decision. However, we will have to agree to disagree that either tall sons or kids with good hair equate “social privilege”. Also, don’t take too much offense with the last line of the post, it was meant to be humorous–as “heightened sensibilities” actually has zilch to do with physical height 🙂 Again, thanks for reading and commenting!!


  4. Lmao you got me rolling


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