Are Black Women Really Angry?!

Are Black women really angry or is it just a stereotype that many of us are falling for? There are a lot of reasons Black women could be angry:

  • lower pay than their counterparts
  • gender/race bias and discrimination
  • limited availability in the dating pool
  • the list very well could go on.

Yet, the point is are Black women really angry, or is it that their strength is misunderstood as anger?

I am attaching here a notice from Hip Hop Feminist Joan Morgan, and also there is an interesting article from Washington Post on the upside of anger in the workforce for Black women.

To Whom it May Concern:
For reasons of emotional health and overall sanity, I’ve retired from being a STRONGBLACKWOMAN. Since I’ve been acting like a SBW for most of my life, I’ve taken the liberty of drafting a re-orientation memo.

To the white folks I work with–the fake “Fine” and compulsory smile? Gone. Deaded. Don’t look for it. From now on, when asked “How are you?” I’m going to tell you the truth—so if you really don’t give a sh*t, do yourself a favor and don’t ask. Some days I really am an evil black woman.

To the folks in my life who are used to calling me at all hours of the A.M. or P.M. and repeatedly dumping their emotional refuse — start looking for a therapist. I apologize for not telling you before that I’m not the “strongest sista” you know, that my sh*t is not “always so d**n together.” (Then again you would have known if you’d interjected an occasional, “Hey, girl, how you doing?” in your tirades.) There are days my shit is downright raggedy and on those days I’m not feeling you. I’ve officially given myself permission to ignore all twenty of your messages on my machine, especially the ones telling me you feel abandoned.

To the brothers trying to kick it. Stop. Let me save you some time. If my financial independence, education, ambition, looks, or basic determination to survive makes you question whether or not you’d have anything to give such a STRONGBLACKWOMAN, don’t bother. Return to the valley of the chickenheads, cuz I don’t f**k wit’ that anymore. SBWs do not have needs. I got plenty— and I’ll gladly tell them to you while I’m running your bathwater, or you’re rubbing me down with oil, or we’re playing tag with our tongues. Bring it on if, and only if, you really believe you deserve me.

And while I’m at it, mad love for my peeps who didn’t need anything of this, who knew I was never a STRONGBLACKWOMAN—just fronting. Thanks for sticking around while I was tripping. Y’all know sh*t goes. We get there in the by and by.

Peace & Love
(When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost, Joan Morgan)

An Upside to the ‘Angry Black Woman’ Stereotype?— Washington Post

11 comments on “Are Black Women Really Angry?!

  1. Love the excerpt!! I’m not angry nor am I bitter… Just tired!! I am a strong black woman and a single mother with two degrees and two jobs. Sometimes I want to trade in such a title for a husband who will be a wonderful provider. Part of being a SBW comes from being independent and not depending on a man nor parents for aid. Like I said I’ll trade the title in anyday


  2. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.com and commented:

    I don’t know her name yet, I just this minute started following her blog: “The Ramblings Of An Intellectual Sistah”. She writes like a summer storm, and i always love to observe summer storms.


  3. I’m feeling erry bit of this. Thank YOU!


  4. @Chyla–“Just Tired” !! How many women are just tired of wearing so many hats? I would figure the answer to be “too many!” Let’s hope for better days 🙂

    @Ametia–Glad you enjoyed the post … THANK YOU! for reading (and commenting!) 🙂


  5. After being a SBW for too long, I’m just too tired to complain. After a few hours nap I’ll be right back at until it’s time to go off again. I know where you’re at.


  6. @silentlyheardonce–love that handle, by the way, very unique! Society really does expect Blk women to keep up the façade of being a “SBW”. But remember, to drop it and rest some, lady! Go off on ’em telling them that you are no longer an SBW (at least for the next hour, LOL:)


  7. We are not angry by a long shot, in fact we are tolerant and accepting. We accept lower pay and stagnant mobility in the workplace despite our dreams of a corner office, because we are leaders in our communities and providers for our families. We put others over ourselves constantly. Someone who is angry can’t give to others as freely as a black woman does. The stereotype is an attempt to discredit us and pass down generational curse that will plagued black women of the future. The hopes is that this plague will intimidate our girls and push them back to a status of second class citizens who know their place and never ask for more than what’s given to them.


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