Gotta Let Go

Hello World!

Question for ya: Have you ever had to let go of someone or a situation because the two of you couldn’t get your ducks in the same row?

Hmm… I think I am there now. I’ve waited waaaay too long. It seems to become clearer and clearer as the days progress that no matter how much I want this to work out in my favor, it really will not.

Sometimes letting go only seems like the hardest thing to do because we refuse to open our hands (and hearts) to release the person or situation. We can say we are done all day, but PHYSICAL action trumps the VERBAL action every time.

I’m guilty of this very thing, I know. Yet, I also know that I’m not getting any younger and if there are things I want out of life, I need to seek another route.

Can’t wait for someone else to realize my goals. If I can see them clearly now, then it’s time to go get them NOW.

What I’m saying is that I don’t want to be “Plan B” …. I want to be the first, and best, option! We deserve that 🙂

Peace, Blessings, & Growth

5 comments on “Gotta Let Go

  1. If you go to my blog I gave you a sunshine blog award. I think you blog is worth reading and it adds light to my day.


  2. This Intellectual Sistah is worth many awards, first congratulations on the Sunshine Award, second, I wish you good luck and quick healing with your relationship decision.


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