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OMG, first I would like to thank …

Hello World!

This post is special. I would like to dedicate this one to all of the new visitors and followers of The Ramblings.

Honestly, I had no idea anyone would care to read my random thoughts, rants and raves about any and everything under the sun. You guys probably haven’t a clue as to how it really touches me to check the ratings and see RECORD numbers being posted.

So, sincerely, I say, “Thank YOU!” Thanks to each and every blogger, follower, and visitor who have taken the time, and/or space on their blogs, to tell someone else to check me out because I really do have something to say! 🙂 Now, you may not always like what you see or read here, but this is a free space to debate and discuss openly. We don’t always have to agree, but our goal should be to always enlighten either someone else or even ourselves: that’s what I founded this blog on.

Thank you for the nominations and awards. The Sunshine Award (which was awarded to me by silentlyheardonce) comes with a price tag, however, (LOL) I have to divulge 10 facts about myself. So, here goes:

1). I am a devout Tupac fan (but, I do not follow the albums released after his death which feature other artists who did not exist in 1996)

2). I am a Gemini: Every characteristic of the sign is point on for me 🙂

3). I believe in hardwork and a strong work ethic.

4). If I want really want something, I DON’T quit– I may rest, but I won’t quit.

5). Throughout my pre-K to Kindergarten years my mom would surprise me with a brand new Barbie doll  when picking me up from school (it would be hidden under my seat:). This may be why I love surprises.

6). I am very old-fashioned, yet I have no problem approaching a guy first. Call it confidence.

7). I was awarded the “Mirror Mirror” award in high school because I kept a mirror on hand to admire my beauty.

8). #7 being said, my confidence often brings out other’s insecurities (LOL). (I probably cannot validate this with anyone’s testimony, nevertheless, I have drawn this conclusion.)

9.) I LOVE to give gifts. I don’t mean to make any one uncomfortable because I know this is rare these days, but it’s truly gifts with no strings attached= it just makes me feel good to do something nice for others. I ALWAYS GIVE TO BUMS/HOMELESS, ETC, and I don’t care that many of you think I’m the biggest fool in America for falling for their “scams”— that’s not my call to make :).

10). Loyalty is a major deal for me! (No retreat, no surrender. Death before Dishonor)

I would like to pass the Sunshine Award on to 1) Academic Doula: Doula Services –Her thoughts are great, and Erykah Badu follows her on Twitter :); 2) The Diary of Life, Love, and Me –refreshing blog about, well, living life the good and bad; and 3) The Lady Marie –she provides some much needed inspiration, which we all need from time to time. (Bloggers: grab pic from my sidebar)

Check out these lovely blogs, good people! And keep the sun shining!

~Peace, Blessings, & Prosperity

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