Your Final 24 Hours

Hello World!

If you found out yesterday that today would be your last day on this Earth, what would you do with your 24hrs? Would you reflect on all the missed opportunities, the lost chances to speak your mind, those final goodbyes you never gave, the many greetings you dismissed?

What would you do? Would you survey your bank account and reflect on the trips that are now out of reach, the memories you could have created, the smiles you could have sponsored?

Yes, I am asking you a lot of questions. It’s only because my wish for us all is that we cherish, enjoy, and create every moment to the fullest! Almost nothing in life hurts as much as regrets–spare your life the unanswered questions and moments.

Don’t hold so tightly to the things that will eventually fade away: your money, your looks, your wardrobe, etc. Give freely and live freely is the motto!

When my time is up I don’t want anyone to say, “She always wanted to do x, y, z …” NO! Instead let them say, “She did everything she wanted to do … She lived two lifetimes over!”

When your final 24 hours expire, WHAT WILL THEY SAY ABOUT YOU?!

2 comments on “Your Final 24 Hours

  1. You said a mouthful. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Time is so short and we know not when our shall come.


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