What did they try to mold you into?

Hello World!

I’ve missed you all! Alas, life gets crazy sometimes … hey, I warned ya, didn’t I?!

Anyhoo, I’ve been thinking, and of course, I want you all to think with me. Think about your neighborhood, your surroundings growing up. Especially, my people in Huntsville, AL (I’m sure this location is not an anomaly), what are the names of streets in YOUR area?

Have any of you ever wondered why the white schools were located on / near streets called “Princeton,” “Harvard,” “Stanford,” “Deans Dr,” “College St,” etc.?

Now, what are the streets on the Northside called? Ha! Glad you asked. Those streets have common, oftentimes “personal” names. Some of the names are “Holmes,” “Battle Dr,” “Leroy,” “Gay,” “Fay,” “Rolling Hills,” “Lumary,” etc.

Do you see the discrepancy in this? You walk or drive down these streets every day and  you get NO inspiration from going down a “Teejay Dr” or a “Barry St”. Yet, little Billy, Jane, and Sue (and the fortunate 2% minority that are allowed to make up the white schools’ student body) are being trained to feel right at home at Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford–encouraged to be one of the elite.

Exceptionalism is way deeper than the surface level names. Think, people. This, in my humble opinion, is another attempt to set us up for failure. Not only did they ingrain hidden messages into the street names, which provided no inspiration or guidance for you, but they also put liquor stores on the corner to push the message of worthlessness home for you. Hopefully, you missed the  numerous signs. 🙂

Now, that you know, you can begin to teach your child that just because they live on or venture down Battle Drive almost every day, it doesn’t mean that their future must be contained to that block!

They, too, belong among the elite.

~Peace, Blessings, & Prosperity~

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