Watch this on ID Channel, and it broke my heart!! #whobleedsforthechildren ??

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11-year-old Christopher Alan Brown was killed by his stepmother, Rosalind L. Brown and her brother, Montel Pettiford. Both were convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He was poisoned, then his body thrown into the Flint River, in an effort to make it look like an accidental drowning. Surprisingly, it worked for 2 decades, even though his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit for an adult. Rosalinda was married to Alan’s father, Jestine Brown, who attended court everyday. (I do not know if they are still married, but I doubt it from his words in court). The biological parents’ statements before sentencing were heartbreaking. I cannot imagine how they could endure this.

Alan’s mother, Brenda Simpson, shows what a real mother would do: she fought for 23 years for justice for her son. I consider her a hero, a shining example of what…

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  1. They should have been put to death! I saw the story on ID and I was outraged! That little boy didnt deserve what happened to him, but because of his mother’s determination and dedication to not give up, justice has been served. Hallelujah! The Bible tells us that everything hidden will be revealed and uncovered. No matter what you do in the beginning, in the end you will reap what you sow. RIP Allan


  2. I just watched this story on the ID channel and something about that beautiful boy and his wonderful mother touched me. I’ve read many articles tonight regarding this case. In some way I wanted to hug his mother and tell her he is finally at rest and as a mother should she made sure of it. So if she somehow sees my post:
    Dear Mrs. Simpson,
    You, and certainly not your lovely child, deserved the fate dealt to you. You Ma’am are the one good thing left from this story. Your determination will surely help others going through similar horrors. Your strength and love for your child will carry on inside some of us that have been touched by your story, I would love to send you a ‘virtual’ hug. May Alan RIP with our Lord Jesus and may he continue to comfort you throughout your life.
    Cynthia Clark


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