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This subject is bugging me something serious. I have heard from many young ladies that their significant other, or friend, is selling them a pipe dream about being a Baby Mama. Being any man’s baby mama is no honor in my eyes. I’m sorry, but I cannot buy into that backwards ideology. The only way being his Baby Mama can be considered a privilege is if he is God and you are the revamped Virgin Mary!

It was an honor for Mary to carry God’s seed, but you’re out here trying to carry regular Joe’s spawn.

Please help me understand this? What is really going on??

THERE IS NO HONOR IN BEING THAT MAN’S BABY MAMA. Point, blank, period. Think about it, seriously. If that man really wanted to honor you he would give you his last name, not one of his many seeds. Don’t fool yourself…

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  1. My friend I were discussing this today it seems people think it is a honour and are encouraging others in some cases! the sad part is most of these guys don’t stick around to be fathers let alone partners to the mother. Sometimes circumstances just happen that way I mean things do happen. but a lot of women this is their aim that’s when its an issue


    • Exactly dollm. I can understand “slipping up” or “mistakes/accidents” whatever; but when the idea of being a baby mama is glamorized there isn’t any understanding for that. Young men see Lil Wayne and want to be that but forget that they don’t have Lil Wayne-money or lifestyle, same with young girls. We have to want better for our kids–every child, whether by birth or association, should be considered “ours” lol it really takes a village!


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