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It’s not them that’s killing us, it’s us …!!


Hello World,

I write this post with a heavy heart and utter disbelief. Greed and envy are two of the most dangerous and disrespectful sentiments one can boast, secretly or openly.

Huntsville, AL, do you not want more for yourself than the crumbs they are tossing to you?? Every day and night there is another crime being committed by our young African American men and women; and for what? I understand times are hard and you’re hungry—but clamping down on your own community is STUPID and fruitless.

If we can’t band together now, all hope for the future is lost.

One of our own who has worked tirelessly for years within the Northside community of Huntsville was a victim of a burglary last night. The burglary came less than 24 hours after a well-organized fundraiser on his shop’s grounds. The fundraiser was for a family oriented community-wide event, which he will host, for the youth of Huntsville.

This act was senseless! Who else is providing safe, fun entertainment for your kids on the Northside? The hardly-supervised Richard Showers Center? The Aquatics? Really, people are you even thinking? He has held FREE events and activities for the kids for over 10 years, and what thanks does he get? NONE.

But aside from his generosity, let’s remember the kids in this. The youth will be the real losers here; so many look forward to this event, The Comedy Luau, to showcase their talents in a wholesome way, to catch fellow entertainers, for a glimpse of a superstar, Joe Johnson of Atlanta Hawks, and to simply play and be completely carefree and kids for an entire day!

What is wrong with us, stealing from kids?? I’m ashamed. And today, I am asking you to show some compassion; reach out to save the next generation, show them love! You don’t have to like someone, but you absolutely MUST respect that he/she is trying to save OUR children!! What have you done for the children? Before you judge, extend a hand.

If you are moved to contribute to this event, which was scheduled for July 21st, to show the children that they do mean something to us, despite how a select few are wilding, make a donation.


2908 Meridian Street North
Suite A
Huntsville, AL 35811

To learn more about his generous efforts and past events for North Huntsville, go to http://www.blackpearlselect.com/mm_entertainment_calendar.html

A sad day for Huntsville, and the youth.

~Peace, Blessings, and Growth~


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