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Are the Dead Among Us?


Hello World,

Here’s another sporadic post. đŸ™‚ A couple days ago my niece asked me, “When someone dies, why do people say, ‘they are watching over you’?” She elaborated further to say doesn’t the Bible say they are asleep, or something.

You know, she is absolutely right, that is in the Bible. Recently, I was on a trip with a young lady who said something similar, “You don’t talk to the dead; that’s Biblical.” It got me to thinking (and researching Scripture).

Are we lying to comfort ourselves, or is there a spiritual interaction going on? What about claiming as long as I live, you live (the dead person)? I am guilty of this, too. So, I’m still searching and trying to understand all of this.

What are your thoughts, have you ever considered this? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic~ Enlightenment is always welcomed~!

~Peace, Blessings, &Prosperity~


One comment on “Are the Dead Among Us?

  1. I don’t think the dead are literally among us. there body flesh dies but not their souls. and we hope their souls are at peace in heaven. You can keep a dead persons memory alive and sometimes I believe their souls can still help and guide you

    btw nominated you for a blogger award

    kisses Dollm


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