I’m Tired.

Hello World!

To whom it may concern: I am tired of inaction. I am tired of hashtags. I am tired of one-sided freedom. I am plain ole tired of living in fear that I will intimately know the next brother or sister who is unjustly murdered and forgotten in this land of freedom.

I am putting everyone on notice: I am tired. I didn’t just wake up today with a weary spirit; this feeling has been brewing for awhile. Last year, I said, “I need a break from the revolution.” Of course, I couldn’t take one because another Black child was murdered, another Black man was assassinated by crooked cops, and all over this country other white persons took unauthorized liberties with precious Black bodies.

Yet, somehow, I still managed to get tired in the midst of these Amerikkkan injustices. I’m tired of protesting, singing, marching, and screaming, “Black Lives Matter.” I’m tired of justifying Black existence to heartdead white and Black folk who refuse to understand the necessity of such words and actions. It’s not racist; it’s a matter of survival–I can’t survive, and neither can you, unless I know my life has some value.

Please, wake me when we are ready to die for our freedom. Shake me when the Real Revolution is upon us. Tap me when there’s more than just two or three ready to bring the heat. Alert me when we are really ready to take the chains off.

Otherwise, I am tired.










….. and so, so, so many others


3 comments on “I’m Tired.

  1. I am tired too. The struggle will go on with or without you. Black lives will always fail to matter as long as life fails to matter to humanity.

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