Patiently Waiting …

Hello World!

I don’t tell too much about me on here, and the timing is still not right to tell my story. Yet, I know I must share it eventually. The problem is I feel like I’m still writing the most important parts :).

I’m sharing this much because I’ve overheard a few comments from people who assume I have it ALL together. They see the degrees, certifications, nice car, fly shoes, and think my *ish doesn’t stink. It does. Sometimes, more than even I think I can bear. But I do it anyways; not for the envy, the whispers, nor the Joneses. Bearing and surviving the many blows of life is all I know how to do, and if I can look good in the process, then so be it!

The accomplishments are nice, but so much more is missing! I can feel the lack, I’m just not entirely sure in which department it’s seeping from: love? family? professional? education? social? Eh, I cannot say.

My biggest problem right now is a fear of being impatient. Should I try to interrogate any of these departments right now, by myself, head-on? For instance, I’ve been researching adoption and foster care; but what if I wait one more year and in walks my prince charming–finally arriving on foot from that long journey Oprah talked about (lol!)–ready to start our own family?? I mean, it’s late/early, and I’m just rambling. I don’t know.

But, then again, who does?

#Peace, #love, #prosperity


2 comments on “Patiently Waiting …

  1. Patience, patience, patience! I’ve been impatient in many areas of my life, especially in the area of dating. I wanted to date so badly that I looked, and when I looked, I found absolutely no one that interested me. It wasn’t until I stopped looking (but still made myself available), prayed along with fasting, that I met him. And eventhough he didn’t fully fit the description of the man of God that I always dreamed about, he is my best fit according to God. I’ve tried fighting it for so long, even thinking that He made a mistake. But our Lord is perfect! When it comes to certain areas where you have a deep longing, it’s ok to do your research and maybe even plan, but of course, follow it up with prayer and fasting. Allows remember that His timing is best. You are a beautifully blessed woman of God that just received a major accomplishment that I so wish that I could have, but I can’t carry that weight right now! I’m proud of you! Please keep on waiting and know that your patience will be awarded! Love you girl!


  2. Foster care is helping the state by taking in kids that need temporary housing. So that may be a good place to start. But if you adopt that hopefully Mr. right is really Mr. right and can accept that you gave a child a home.


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