Race Relations

I’m Tired.

Hello World! To whom it may concern: I am tired of inaction. I am tired of hashtags. I am tired of one-sided freedom. I am plain ole tired of living in fear that I will intimately know the next brother or sister who is unjustly murdered and forgotten in this land of freedom. I am putting […]

It’s not them that’s killing us, it’s us …!!

Hello World, I write this post with a heavy heart and utter disbelief. Greed and envy are two of the most dangerous and disrespectful sentiments one can boast, secretly or openly. Huntsville, AL, do you not want more for yourself than the crumbs they are tossing to you?? Every day and night there is another […]

What did they try to mold you into?

Hello World! I’ve missed you all! Alas, life gets crazy sometimes … hey, I warned ya, didn’t I?! Anyhoo, I’ve been thinking, and of course, I want you all to think with me. Think about your neighborhood, your surroundings growing up. Especially, my people in Huntsville, AL (I’m sure this location is not an anomaly), […]

Truths: In Black and White

Hello World! So much is being, and has been, said about the disturbing case of murdered teen,Trayvon Martin, in Sanford, Fla. So much–some good and some not so good. Nevertheless, I will not be adding any personal two-cents at this time (I do reserve the right to reblog those opinions which coincide with my own, […]

Re-Nigging on the Promises: #Justice4Trayvon

Originally posted on The Crunk Feminist Collective:
Another Black kid is dead. This time it’s 17 year old Trayvon Martin. His life snuffed out at the hands of an overzealous, trigger happy white neighborhood watch commander named George Zimmerman, who thought Trayvon looked “suspicious” as he walked back to his father’s home in a suburban…

‘N*ggers’ vs. ‘Black people’ as Told by a 14-yr-old


Hello World!

These young ladies are the future. As you watch the video keep in mind that they are talking about “niggers” and not the generalized term of “black people”–still flabbergasted that they had the audacity to say such.

Parents you have to talk with your children about race relations early. This right here is NOT acceptable, at all. Also, you have to watch what you, their parents, say in front of them; believe it or not, they are listening.

I wonder if these girls have ever seen an episode of Teen Mom on MTV…hmm. Yes, some Black kids don’t graduate, but hey, some Whites/Asians/Latinos do not, either.

The real answer is to work together to curb these instances rather than mock, ridicule, and rant against each other.

Woe is the future …

~Peace, Blessing & Growth~

Are Black Women Really Angry?!

Are Black women really angry or is it just a stereotype that many of us are falling for? There are a lot of reasons Black women could be angry: lower pay than their counterparts gender/race bias and discrimination limited availability in the dating pool the list very well could go on. Yet, the point is […]