Patiently Waiting …

Hello World! I don’t tell too much about me on here, and the timing is still not right to tell my story. Yet, I know I must share it eventually. The problem is I feel like I’m still writing the most important parts :). I’m sharing this much because I’ve overheard a few comments from […]

Happy Holidays!!

Hello World! Here’s to a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season to you all! Remember to breathe and reflect.

I’m Tired.

Hello World! To whom it may concern: I am tired of inaction. I am tired of hashtags. I am tired of one-sided freedom. I am plain ole tired of living in fear that I will intimately know the next brother or sister who is unjustly murdered and forgotten in this land of freedom. I am putting […]

I’m Baaaaaaack!!

The Ramblings of an Intellectual Sistah is no longer defunct!!!! Yay! Welcome back, y’all! I will update the site and catch you all up in the next few days. Let’s get free!

Are the Dead Among Us?

Hello World, Here’s another sporadic post. 🙂 A couple days ago my niece asked me, “When someone dies, why do people say, ‘they are watching over you’?” She elaborated further to say doesn’t the Bible say they are asleep, or something. You know, she is absolutely right, that is in the Bible. Recently, I was […]

It’s not them that’s killing us, it’s us …!!

Hello World, I write this post with a heavy heart and utter disbelief. Greed and envy are two of the most dangerous and disrespectful sentiments one can boast, secretly or openly. Huntsville, AL, do you not want more for yourself than the crumbs they are tossing to you?? Every day and night there is another […]

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Hello World! This subject is bugging me something serious. I have heard from many young ladies that their significant other, or friend, is selling them a pipe dream about being a Baby Mama. Being any man’s baby mama is no honor in my eyes. I’m sorry,…