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He Will Be the One to Give Me Away!

Hello World!

A little time has passed since I graced these pages, and go figure that my return would be a mushy one :)!

I just realized that no matter how much my brother and I have grown apart he will definitely be the one to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. He’s changed and I have changed, too; nevertheless, he will always be the one who understood me first. He was the first guy that told me I could be me, whomever that may be.

He didn’t judge me, and he promised to give me the best; even though he was the first to physically hurt me so that I would be prepared for the bruises of the world, and know to never to take it from (nor fear) any man. It’s amazing what you realize as you get older!

I’ve never properly thanked him because I don’t come from an emotional-type family. However, to walk through the doors on his arm would speak volumes, show him my gratitude way more than any words that I could ever utter. Whoever waits for me at the end of the altar will definitely have my brother to thank for the lady he receives. He was the best big brother to me as I grew unaware of it all.

No matter what, I was my brother’s babygirl. For that reason alone, whether we are speaking when that time comes, I will break the silence to ask him to walk me down the aisle.

~Peace, Blessings, and Growth~

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“Aah #%&$*!!” <That Ain’t Love, Boo

Ooo, baby, just to hear you speak
Makes me argue just to see
How much you’re in love with me
See, like a queen, a queen upon her throne

–Lauryn Hill “Sweetest Thing”

Hello World!

The above lyrics come from Her Majesty, Lauryn Hill; “Sweetest Thing” is a beautiful song, which I adore. However, I must not have fully listened to the lyrics, or at the very least, I missed the line “Makes me argue just to see/ how much you’re in love with me.” (*Record Scratch!*)

Whoa, wait a minute. That is NOT how you express or get someone else to express their love for you. It’s not even how you judge someone’s love for you! And you know what else, that is not the model of a Queen–it’s actually a very ratchet thing to do.

But it is the phenomenon of our day: Women and Men are going home (which is supposed to be a place of refuge from the external chaos) and creating dramatic scenes just to get passionate (anger is a form of passion) responses from their mate/significant other/spouse, etc. Is this not a problem??

Personally, I am a very peaceful person on the home front (now this doesn’t solely mean the house you share with your lover; I am using it in the sense of “home is where the heart is,” i.e., my boo is my home). Why in the world would I want to have a petty argument with someone I love, or care deeply for?

You’ll mess around and start a petty argument with me and it could be our last (LOL!). If you get my anger from 10 to 100, I will be mad for real while you’re playing; no amounts of sorry will work. But all you wanted was for me to show you that I love you? BS!

Ladies and gentlemen, stop with the petty arguments, please. Just tell your spouse what you need in order to feel the love, geez. Go easy on the drama. … Also, I don’t care who the song artist is, stop believing all that craziness. Fights and screams do not equate love. Yeah, I said it!

Peace, Blessings, & Growth!


Watch this on ID Channel, and it broke my heart!! #whobleedsforthechildren ??

Bonnie's Blog of Crime

11-year-old Christopher Alan Brown was killed by his stepmother, Rosalind L. Brown and her brother, Montel Pettiford. Both were convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He was poisoned, then his body thrown into the Flint River, in an effort to make it look like an accidental drowning. Surprisingly, it worked for 2 decades, even though his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit for an adult. Rosalinda was married to Alan’s father, Jestine Brown, who attended court everyday. (I do not know if they are still married, but I doubt it from his words in court). The biological parents’ statements before sentencing were heartbreaking. I cannot imagine how they could endure this.

Alan’s mother, Brenda Simpson, shows what a real mother would do: she fought for 23 years for justice for her son. I consider her a hero, a shining example of what…

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What did they try to mold you into?

Hello World!

I’ve missed you all! Alas, life gets crazy sometimes … hey, I warned ya, didn’t I?!

Anyhoo, I’ve been thinking, and of course, I want you all to think with me. Think about your neighborhood, your surroundings growing up. Especially, my people in Huntsville, AL (I’m sure this location is not an anomaly), what are the names of streets in YOUR area?

Have any of you ever wondered why the white schools were located on / near streets called “Princeton,” “Harvard,” “Stanford,” “Deans Dr,” “College St,” etc.?

Now, what are the streets on the Northside called? Ha! Glad you asked. Those streets have common, oftentimes “personal” names. Some of the names are “Holmes,” “Battle Dr,” “Leroy,” “Gay,” “Fay,” “Rolling Hills,” “Lumary,” etc.

Do you see the discrepancy in this? You walk or drive down these streets every day and  you get NO inspiration from going down a “Teejay Dr” or a “Barry St”. Yet, little Billy, Jane, and Sue (and the fortunate 2% minority that are allowed to make up the white schools’ student body) are being trained to feel right at home at Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford–encouraged to be one of the elite.

Exceptionalism is way deeper than the surface level names. Think, people. This, in my humble opinion, is another attempt to set us up for failure. Not only did they ingrain hidden messages into the street names, which provided no inspiration or guidance for you, but they also put liquor stores on the corner to push the message of worthlessness home for you. Hopefully, you missed the  numerous signs. 🙂

Now, that you know, you can begin to teach your child that just because they live on or venture down Battle Drive almost every day, it doesn’t mean that their future must be contained to that block!

They, too, belong among the elite.

~Peace, Blessings, & Prosperity~

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Truths: In Black and White

Hello World!

So much is being, and has been, said about the disturbing case of murdered teen,Trayvon Martin, in Sanford, Fla. So much–some good and some not so good. Nevertheless, I will not be adding any personal two-cents at this time (I do reserve the right to reblog those opinions which coincide with my own, however).

Here’s a wonderfully written excerpt from Mr. Tim Wise, the nation’s leading race critic. This excerpt comes from an essay entitled “c“:

Empathy, which is always among the first casualties of racist thinking, mandates our acceptance of the possibility that maybe it isn’t those long targeted by oppression who are exaggerating the problem or making the proverbial mountain out of a molehill, but rather we who have underestimated the gravity of racial domination and subordination in this country, and reduced what are, in fact, Everest-sized peaks to ankle-high summits, and for our own purposes, rather than in the service of truth.

And please, let us have no more ignoble and dissembling rationalizations for Trayvon Martin’s death and Zimmerman’s killing of him. If you are one, like those firmly ensconced in the pathetic Sanford, Florida police department, trying against all logic and human feeling to square this pernicious circle, just stop it. That there had been a half-dozen or so break-ins in Zimmerman’s community, ostensibly orchestrated by black males matters not a whit. Likewise, that there was a string of robberies in my New Orleans neighborhood during my senior year of college, which were the handiwork of white men, would not have justified my being stopped by police every time I returned home from a late afternoon class, to say nothing of being accosted by some community asshole with a Charles Bronson complex. But of course, such an analogy is silly isn’t it? We all know that whites are never subjected to this kind of generalized suspicion, even when we do, indeed, fit the description of one or another bad guy on the loose. We are not all looked at sideways when yet another white male serial killer is at large, or yet another abortion clinic bomber. We don’t face police roadblocks in lily-white communities so as to catch drunk drivers, even though the data is quite clear that whites represent a disproportionate number and percentage of those driving under the influence.

As for Zimmerman’s claims of self-defense, that anyone could believe such a demonstrably transparent lie as this is stunning. Or rather it isn’t. It makes perfect sense in a nation where blackness and danger have long been considered synonymous, such that any black male over the age of perhaps 10 can “reasonably” be assumed a predator whose designs on decent people and their property are so concretized as to warrant virtually any measure invoked to monitor, control and incapacitate them. However much has changed in the U.S. since the 1960s, or for that matter the 1860s, make note of it that at least this much has not: black folks are still, in the eyes of far too many whites, a problem to be addressed, a riddle to be solved. And deprived of the old mechanisms of social control to which we were once so wedded — formal segregation, regular lynchings, forced sterilization, even enslavement — we have opted for the development of new forms: racial profiling, gated communities into which we shall police entry, zoning laws that limit who can live among us, and mass incarceration for non-violent drug offenses, among others.

Under what rational interpretation of self-defense could Zimmerman’s actions qualify? Zimmerman chased Martin down. Zimmerman tackled Martin after Martin demanded to know why Zimmerman was following him. Martin screamed for help. And Zimmerman shot him. Even if Martin fought back, how could such a thing — a quite reasonable response, it should be noted, to being attacked by a total stranger — justify pulling a gun, pulling the trigger and shooting the person who was acting in self-defense against you? To those who accept Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense, let us ask a simple question: would you be so willing to buy that argument if a black person were to chase down a white person in a mostly black neighborhood, and then upon catching him, end his life when the white person resisted being pummeled? You know full well the answer. We all do.

If I chase you and jump you, and you resist my assault, and in response to your resistance I kill you, I am the bad guy. Period. End of story. No exceptions, no prevarications, no ifs ands or buts. It’s me. Trayvon Martin is the innocent one here. He is the one who was acting in self-defense, when he resisted the assault of a total stranger, whose purposes for chasing him and accosting him made him rightfully afraid. After all, “neighborhood watch captains,” whether duly elected as such or just in their own heads (as seems to have been the case with Zimmerman), don’t wear official law enforcement uniforms, which might help identify them to the persons they may find themselves pursuing. And ya’ know why? Because despite their fervent and pre-adolescent desires to play cops and robbers like they used to do when they were eight years old, they are not cops. They are not even security guards. They are self-appointed enforcers with no authority whatsoever, save that which they have chosen to fabricate so as to make themselves feel more important.

Check out Wise’s full essay.

~Peace, Blessings, and Growth~

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Re-Nigging on the Promises: #Justice4Trayvon

Another black life cut, Another blog.

The Crunk Feminist Collective

Another Black kid is dead.

This time it’s 17 year old Trayvon Martin.

His life snuffed out at the hands of an overzealous, trigger happy white neighborhood watch commander named George Zimmerman, who thought Trayvon looked “suspicious” as he walked back to his father’s home in a suburban Florida neighborhood with a pack of skittles and an iced tea for his little brother. Trayvon was unarmed; Zimmerman was packing a semiautomatic weapon.

How do we make sense of the senseless?

From the facts alone, it is clear that Zimmerman presented the real threat. But it has now been two and a half weeks since the shooting, and Sanford Police Department has declined to charge Zimmerman with a crime. Law enforcement officials claim they have no evidence to dispute Zimmerman’s claim that he acted in self-defense.

Apparently an unarmed, dead Black teen is not evidence enough.  If this were 1912 and…

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Your Final 24 Hours

Hello World!

If you found out yesterday that today would be your last day on this Earth, what would you do with your 24hrs? Would you reflect on all the missed opportunities, the lost chances to speak your mind, those final goodbyes you never gave, the many greetings you dismissed?

What would you do? Would you survey your bank account and reflect on the trips that are now out of reach, the memories you could have created, the smiles you could have sponsored?

Yes, I am asking you a lot of questions. It’s only because my wish for us all is that we cherish, enjoy, and create every moment to the fullest! Almost nothing in life hurts as much as regrets–spare your life the unanswered questions and moments.

Don’t hold so tightly to the things that will eventually fade away: your money, your looks, your wardrobe, etc. Give freely and live freely is the motto!

When my time is up I don’t want anyone to say, “She always wanted to do x, y, z …” NO! Instead let them say, “She did everything she wanted to do … She lived two lifetimes over!”

When your final 24 hours expire, WHAT WILL THEY SAY ABOUT YOU?!

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