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I’m Tired.

Hello World! To whom it may concern: I am tired of inaction. I am tired of hashtags. I am tired of one-sided freedom. I am plain ole tired of living in fear that I will intimately know the next brother or sister who is unjustly murdered and forgotten in this land of freedom. I am putting […]

It’s not them that’s killing us, it’s us …!!

Hello World, I write this post with a heavy heart and utter disbelief. Greed and envy are two of the most dangerous and disrespectful sentiments one can boast, secretly or openly. Huntsville, AL, do you not want more for yourself than the crumbs they are tossing to you?? Every day and night there is another […]

Your President is Black and Your Pockets are Still Flat!

Hello World! Disclaimer: Please excuse this post if it offends you on either of these grounds: A. You have given President Barack Obama a pass because he is a bi-racial man of African ancestry; B. Your pride, related to point A, has glossified (my own word) your view of him and his policies/political agenda; C. […]