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I’m Tired.

Hello World! To whom it may concern: I am tired of inaction. I am tired of hashtags. I am tired of one-sided freedom. I am plain ole tired of living in fear that I will intimately know the next brother or sister who is unjustly murdered and forgotten in this land of freedom. I am putting […]

Forever EVER?: What You Know About LOVE??

Hello World! I’m curious … what does any of us really know about LOVE? Many of us want it, seek it, expect it now or later, but do we really know what to do with it– I mean how do you handle it?? Personally, I’m hard-pressed to name 5 couples who are happily (or unhappily, […]

Pay What You Owe! pt. 1

Hello World! Imagine: You are alive but not completely free. You can walk the streets but not without undue harassment; you can ride public transportation, but always forced to sit or stand in the very back. Your children are forced to attend schools invested with rats and roaches, and limited resources such as no books […]